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Welcome to Walton County Composite Squadron – GA142


Four Civil Air Patrol members standing in front of an airplaneEstablished in 1941, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a public service organization chartered by Congress that functions both as a nonprofit and the civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Under its charter and public laws, CAP performs a variety of emergency and operational missions on demand for federal, state and local agencies as requested through the National Operations Center. Additionally, CAP offers youth programs and provides aerospace education classroom support and K-12 curriculum to teachers in many communities nationwide. Civil Air Patrol’s mission statement is “Volunteers Serving America’s Communities, Saving Lives, and Shaping Futures.” This encompasses the organization’s three major programs: emergency services, aerospace education, and cadet programs.


Emergency Services

Civil Air Patrol volunteers have revolutionized search and rescue efforts and are credited with saving more than 100 lives each year. Humanitarian missions include transporting supplies and equipment, facilitating emergency blood collection and transportation, and distributing food and other needed items following natural disasters. CAP disaster response also includes aerial photography and the use of advanced technologies to help federal and state emergency managers assess damage and prioritize recovery efforts.

Aerospace Education

Promotion of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is an essential aspect of Civil Air Patrol’s award-winning aerospace education program. CAP offers innovative aviation-, space-, and cyber-related STEM education programs to support thousands of teachers, schools, and students as well as youth and adult members of CAP.

Cadet Programs

Civil Air Patrol provides exceptional adventure, service, and leadership opportunities for youth members in communities across America and around the world. Beginning at age 12, CAP cadets participate in a wide variety of activities designed to help them become physically fit, explore career possibilities, and hone teamwork and leadership skills while adhering to CAP core values.

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Being a CAP member is, for many, one of the most enriching parts of their lives. Like most clubs and organizations, CAP will introduce you to new endeavors and you will make many new acquaintances--some of whom will become friends for life. However, unlike most organizations, CAP has a life saving mission, and fulfilling that mission provides our members with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Emergency Services Education Program

Four members of Civil Air Patrol gathering near an airplaneMembers of Civil Air Patrol working on an educational project together



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